The Best CBD Capsules

The Best CBD Capsules

Why Choose a CBD Capsule 

If you’re one of those who take CBD oil but struggles with taking it the right way, you should probably give capsules a chance. 

CBD capsules are loved by our customers because they’re convenient and easy to take since you don't need to hold it under your tongue. They're perfect to take on-the-go to keep on your desk at work. They’re also perfect because they allow you to be consistent with the amount of CBD you’re taking.

Customers usually ask what the difference between the oil and the capsules is. The main difference is that you have to digest the capsules so they will take a little longer to have an effect and also since they go through your liver, you will lose some of the CBD. 

Best CBD Capsules UK Medterra

TheDrug.Store's CBD Capsules


Same CBD, same MCT oil but just in a different form. Making it easy for the consumer to take either 25mg or 50mg each time. Take it whenever and wherever you want and feel the effects of the CBD the same way you would with their popular oils

Medterra also developed capsules with more ingredients to cater to other needs. Like the Good Morning Capsules, with 50mg of caffeine for that kickstart in the morning as well as a formulation for female wellness. They thought of everything! 


Just like their best-seller oils, CBDistillery have developed their capsules with the same high-quality CBD. It's a way of making sure that the capsules will give the same result as the oil but will be much easier to take. With 30mg of CBD already measured for you, just take a cap at any time and go on with your day. 

Like capsules but with a fruity taste. This new addition to TheDrug.Store is getting people really excited. And guess what? These CBD gummies are vegan as well! CBDistillery wanted to make sure everyone would be able to enjoy these!

Buy best plant-based vegan CBD capsules UK

Vegan CBD Capsules

We’re very proud to carry some plant-based options for the vegan CBD users. And we’re also very happy to see that vegan options are being developed to make sure they are suitable for everyone. 

Infinite CBD 

An oldie on TheDrug.Store loved by our customers. Made with coconut oil, it’s the perfect capsule. Used to be one of the only CBD capsules on the UK market, we’re now happy to see some new options arrive. They make your “regular” CBD capsules with isolate only and they also have some with caffeine, perfect to take in the morning for that little extra boost that we all need. 

Plant People

The newest addition! We have welcomed a new brand, Plant People, and as the name states, they really want to emphasize the importance of plants and have a holistic approach. They want to make sure that they blend CBD with the best botanicals that will also be best for the consumers. 

Best vegan CBD capsules UK Plant People

With 15mg of CBD, they are perfect to take in the morning and have a productive day. They are a blend of CBD and adaptogens, for the Ayurveda enthusiasts

Your new best friend for the evening. With 15mg of CBD, these capsules are for those who want a smaller amount rather than the 25 or 30mg ones. They are ideal after a long day at work or during the day if you feel a bit too overwhelmed.  


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