Behind the Brand: The Nue Co

Behind the Brand: The Nue Co

The Story Behind The Nue Co.

At TheDrug.Store, we care about people. People who are looking to personalise their wellness routines, but also the people behind the brands we stock. This is why we are introducing our new series “Behind the Brand”, where we are shining a light on the founders and journeys of these brands. We’re starting it off with The Nue Co, and its founder Jules Miller!

Finding solutions to personal problems

In her mid-twenties, Jules had been suffering from severe IBS, which even resulted in internal bleeding and several hospitalisations. The supplements she turned to didn’t help much and she learned that many of them contained fillers, preservatives, chemicals and sweeteners that only aggravated her symptoms. What’s more, is that her grandfather, a scientist at Cambridge University (who even helped develop B12!) was very wary of supplements, knowing about all of these potentially counterproductive additives.

So, with her grandfather – the late Prof. George Miller – she started researching natural supplements. With the aim of redefining the relationship we all have with our health, The Nue Co was founded in 2017.

With their approach of blending innovate science and nature, The Nue Co is driving real change in both our wellness routines and mindsets.

“I am not a chemist or scientist”, Jules says. She leaves this to experts by working with some of the best labs around the world, using only clean & sustainable ingredients.

The Nue Co is also taking inspiration from ancient practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and merging these with clinically proven ingredients to provide real solutions for their customers’ problems.

From fighting IBS to growing a global brand

This is why the first product Debloat+, a supplement to alleviate IBS symptoms, which Jules found worked for her, was such a great success and paved the way for many more products.

And it doesn’t stop there though: The team behind The Nue Co has created an empowering and educational culture to help people take control over their own health. They have developed a deeply rooted, relevant conversation about modern day wellbeing. This conversation goes beyond nutrition and exercise and addresses mental & physical health as one.

‘Wellness’ has a different meaning to every culture and every individual. The Nue Co doesn’t want to dictate rules for people to follow, but hope that through their messaging, people are empowered to take their own measures to feel good, and do good as a result.

And to lead by example, The Nue Co is focusing on creating products that don’t harm the planet; 95% of all materials used are infinitely recyclable – and they are working on the remaining 5%. Jules says she is not a fan of greenwashing marketing tactics and it shows: The Nue Co has recently partnered with charity: water and also launched the Forest Lungs Campaign, which shed light on Jamaica’s decreasing biodiversity and highlighted the ethical and sustainable practices that were used to create the anti-stress fragrance Forest Lungs.  

The Nue Co x TheDrug.Store

More than 3 years and over $10m in revenue, two flagship stores in London and New York later, here we are. Us at TheDrug.Store are extremely happy to be working with The Nue Co and are looking forward to watching and supporting their continued growth and success!

Check out the The Nue Co Collection on our website!

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