Behind The Brand: MPowder

Behind The Brand: MPowder

People are at the centre of everything we do here at TheDrug.Store, which is why we love learning about the stories behind the products we stock. The next brand in our Behind The Brand Series is Rebekah Brown, Founder of MPowder.

Inspired by a personal journey 

Rebekah founded MPowder, the vibrant midlife community and powdered supplement range, back in 2020 as a response to her own journey into menopause.

"I was 45 when I entered peri-menopause. Night sweats. Heightened anxiety about stuff I used to do relatively confidently in the past. A lot of anger. Bloating. Oh, and a nice dose of random skin breakouts! I visited my doctor and was told I was too young to be menopausal and that my symptoms were most likely to be burn-out or depression. I knew I wasn't depressed. And although life was hard (when isn't it?!), I didn't think I was experiencing burn-out either. Something else was happening. And it was impacting my body and mind. I simply didn't feel like me."

So, she found herself trawling the aisles of the local health food store, staring at a vast range of products and ingredients she knew nothing about. Curiosity cut through the brain fog. She looked further into the bio-chemical changes the female body goes through in menopause and what vitamins we all need at each stage, regardless of symptoms. She explored the impact and practicality of dietary changes. She researched what herbs and vitamins have seen results in trials and, critically, what dosages have an impact. Armed with insight, and a growing sense of frustration that women were under-served with honest information and better options, MPowder was born.

Finding the right solution 

“I wanted a solution that was focused on optimising my body. I wanted products that were based on clinical insight. I wanted to see the results of trials with real women from all walks of life. I also wanted honesty rather than the promise of a silver bullet.”

With this in mind, Rebekah took action, “I started in early 2019 in my kitchen, dehydrating fruit and vegetables and blending them into a powder that would deliver the nutritional hit my body needed.  I started to layer on the lifestyle changes I knew were gaining traction and scientific support. I began to feel better. I worked with a medical and naturopathic team to get recipes into community trials. I consulted on the value of HRT and how smart supplementation can make it work harder. I collaborated with menopause experts across multiple complimentary fields too. From CBT to CBD. From breathwork practitioners to executive career coaches. And slowly MPowder took shape. Today we are a community that co-creates products and complimentary programmes to nourish the body and mind in menopause and beyond.”

Transforming experience through community and co-creation 

Whilst research and menopause expertise is at the core of MPowder, the real life experience and feedback of women drives the brand’s direction of travel. It is the first menopause business to co-create products and programmes with its community. Each powder has been tested by women recruited from the company’s online community. 

Meaningful and inclusive conversations in the menopause space have only started to happen recently. 74% of women going through the menopause believe the life-stage is represented poorly by brands. MPowder aims to offer greater choice, with data-led insight and research that feeds into a whole body and mind approach to managing the menopause.

‘I strongly believe that co-creation and community is important for all businesses - but it’s critical when you’re working with an unheard and underserved group of individuals. As women in menopause, we’re often silenced - our concerns swiftly dismissed, and our own knowledge of our bodies undermined. Our goal is to deliver products and menopause-expert-led programmes that reflect the wants, needs and experiences of the women we serve and the deep knowledge of the specialists who advise us; to provide the foundation layer, through our powdered supplements, to nourish body and mind. And to share the stories, the research, the insight around a host of holistic and medical interventions so that each of us have agency for our own menopause journeys.”

‘With our powders, which are vegan and HRT friendly and crafted for the specific stage of menopause you’re in, with our digital workshops that explore key topics and interventions and with our community, which shares stories and offers friendship and support. We’re changing ‘the change’, together’, says Rebekah.

Explore the sophisticated nutritional powders

Over 13M women in the UK are experiencing menopause today, and 80% will have symptoms. MPowder takes a biochemical approach to targeting the stages of menopause, with its first two foundational powders formulated to focus on Peri-Menopause (typically 43+ but sometimes much earlier) and Post-Menopause (12 months after your last period). 

MPowder is created using plant-based whole food, herbs, botanical extracts and vitamins, with each powder carefully designed to nourish the body and mind with the nutrients it needs during an often difficult and challenging time of life - a period of time that can last 8-10 years. 

Peri-Boost - launched September 2020 

peri-boost mpowder


Focus: skin health, hormone balance, bone health, temperature regulation, vitality and mood. 

Designed for: women over 43, or earlier, who have started to experience symptoms associated with peri-menopause. Many women describe this stage as ‘not feeling like themselves’, with skin complaints, anxiety, tiredness and a less regular cycle. What you feed your body at this time can have a significant impact on your future health. Peri-Boost is designed to support the body gently into the menopause.

Meno-Boost - launched May 2021

meno-boost mpowder

Focus: hot flashes, blood pressure regulation, metabolism, heart health, bone density, energy and mood. 

Designed for: women post-menopause (12 months without a cycle). Many women experience extreme fatigue, sweating and pronounced mood swings. Additionally, bone density decreases and metabolism changes so nutritional needs shift a lot at this point. A daily scoop of Meno-Boost is an easy way to support the body and mind.

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