Behind the Brand: Apothem

Behind the Brand: Apothem

People are at the centre of everything we do here at TheDrug.Store, which is why we love learning about the stories behind the products we stock. The next brand in our Behind The Brand Series is Apothem and Co-Founder Amelia Baerlein. 

Navigating the 'Wild West" of the CBD industry

As a long-standing fan of natural remedies, Amelia was instantly intrigued when her co-founder Tony started looking into CBD and hemp-based products for a member of his family. Looking at the entire process, seed to finished product, they didn't like what they found. The CBD industry is still very unregulated, especially here in the UK, and there are many brands out there that aren't transparent about their supply-chain and process. So Amelia and Tony set out on a path to create their own brand that represented their values and standards, with a no-nonsense approach to ingredients. 

Apothem launched in October 2019 and as a pioneering CBD brand - one of the first to focus on a transparent supply-chain, rigorous independent testing and a no-nonsense approach to explaining all ingredients - it is connecting more people to the restorative power of plants. 

A 'Botanical Synergy'

Amelia believes in the so-called 'Botanical synergy', which is why Apothem harmonise the highest quality CBD with specially selected botanicals to unlock the full potential of all the ingredients. The Recharge CBD Cream, for example, includes Magnesium, Arnica & Eucalyptus, which are widely known for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. 

The result is a range of beautifully formulated products where both the CBD and the hand selected botanicals are the heroes. 



A Female-Powered Brand

In a male-dominated industry, Amelia follows a personal mission to empower women in business and build a positive and collaborative culture for those working in the Cannabis industry. Apothem is proud to be a unisex brand, building an all-inclusive community around the positive impacts of CBD and supporting positive mental health through a partnership with suicide prevention charity CALM

The brand is committed to breaking down common barriers through CBD education and building trust through transparency, in order to shine light on some of the misconceptions synonymous with the early days of the CBD category.

Amelia's 5 Top Wellness Habits

  • Getting up early to have some quality time in the morning.
  • Keeping the body moving every day (without any pressure of having to train or work out).
  • Putting your phone on silent. 
  • Eating well every day, cooking creatively and making good food for those you love.
  • Relaxing and unwinding before bed with meditation, reading, having a long bath or a pamper - and taking the Apothem Lights Out Drops every night.

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