CBD 101: An Introduction to CBD

CBD 101: An Introduction to CBD

By now, you will have heard these three letters strung together countless times. The conversation around CBD is often littered with rumours, myths, and misinformation, but now that CBD has been in the U.K market for several years, it’s time to understand what it is truly capable of! What is this cannabinoid, and how can it benefit the human body?

What is CBD?

‘Cannabinoid’, aside from being a bit of a tongue-twister, describes the category under which both CBD and THC fall (more letters for you). While they can be extracted from the same plant (Marijuana), THC is the active cannabinoid which allows for the ‘high’ that people experience while ingesting marijuana. Products in the U.K are not legally allowed to contain any THC, also known as ‘full-spectrum’ products. Enter CBD stage left.

Meet the ‘isolate’ and the ‘broad-spectrum’ products. Under the realm of CBD, they are developed from either the Hemp or Marijuana plant. The terms describe what is being extracted from the plant to then be combined with CBD. 

For our broad-spectrum products, naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes come together to produce a mixture which has an earthier, natural taste. The isolates, alternatively, are simpler in formulation: only the CBD is extracted from the plant (which tends to be Hemp due to its naturally high levels of CBD and trace amounts of THC).


Isolates, without the terpenes sneaking in, will be tasteless unless combined with a natural flavouring, such as chamomile or peppermint. Neither the isolate or the broad-spectrum products have been officially proven to be more beneficial than the other, so ultimately it is a personal preference! Don’t worry, they won’t take it personally. 

How CBD interacts with the body and potential benefits 

Within our brilliant bodies we have an Endocannabinoid system - sound familiar? It plays a vital and under-appreciated role in regulating all of our bodily processes, and keeping everything in harmony: the term for this is homeostasis, an automatic scrabble victory. The system allows homeostasis to exist as optimally as possible. As soon as there is an unbalance, or threat to (for example) your stress levels, memory function, sleep, immune system, digestion, or many more, the appropriate endocannabinoids are sent to regulate the affected area. In combination with CBD, your endocannabinoids should hypothetically work even more efficiently and effectively

Once inside the body, CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid system: effects can reduce inflammation, and provide a sense of clarity and calm. Many people have, consequently, found CBD to be a natural way to deal with anxiety, an affliction that nearly half of adults in the U.K have suffered during the pandemic. It can also be used to alleviate daily aches and pains; sometimes combining a tincture with a topical cream or spray can work well. More detail on that to come! 


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Different ways of consuming CBD 

If you are not one for tinctures or the taste of a broad-spectrum mixture, CBD can also be ingested as a capsule, a gummy, a mint, or applied topically. A favourite for daily use is a low milligram CBD roll-on, which can be generously applied to the underside of your wrist, or the nape of your neck. When combined with the essence of lavender, or bergamot, for example, the effect is both calming and smells like a perfume. Throughout your busy day, you’ll catch a hint of your chosen fragrance and be reminded to take a second to breathe, relax. 

A capsule will act in a similar way to a tincture. While it may take longer to take effect than a tincture, it is considered a great way to implement CBD into your daily routine, along with other daily vitamins and minerals. They are also easier to carry and consume on the go, such as the 10 milligram capsules from Fourfive: a broad-spectrum dosage suitable for vegans in its vegetable capsule. 

Gummies and mints can similarly be chucked in your bag for quick access to calm while commuting, or hanging out with friends. 

Topical creams, balms, or sprays can be beneficial for localised issues: neck pain from sitting in your work-from-home dinner table chair all day, or even period pain. Apply the desired amount either onto your fingers or directly on the area and massage the product in. 

How much CBD do I need?

Now, for the dose. Much like a good meal, it’s about supplementing what you are already enacting. If this meal was one for going to sleep, you would want all the main ingredients to be relaxing, fluffy-pillow filled, phones and laptops away for at least half-an-hour, and a dash of CBD to complete the plate. While CBD can be a wonderfully natural way of reducing anxiety, or helping you sleep, it is vital that you let it help you. If you can eliminate immediately stressful factors in your environment, do. The CBD is then ready to do its best work. And by eliminate, I do not mean screaming in that colleague’s face, instead just taking a second outside for yourself. That tends to work best, and prevents unemployment. 

Consuming CBD, in doses that suit your body, can potentially help you regulate internal stability, in combination with a balanced lifestyle. Consider your tolerance when, for example, drinking alcohol. You learn to gauge when it’s been one beer too many, or when you’ve reached a comfortable social level. CBD intake should follow a similar intuition, and take into account your height and weight. 

Each CBD product will come in a certain dosage. If you are choosing a tincture, they tend to vary from 300 milligrams of CBD within a (typically) 30 millilitre bottle, to 3000 milligrams, but also exist in greater sizes and dosages. The tincture will come with a dropper attached to the lid, which, if you purchase any of our own CBD tinctures (the 1000mg is our favourite), have markings printed along the dropper to show you exact dosages. 

A good way to start taking any tincture is to place the contents of approximately half a dropper underneath your tongue. Here it has the best chance of entering your bloodstream and helping you quickly and efficiently. If you have never tried CBD before, a 500mg tincture is a great way to start, following the above instructions both morning and evening. From this stage you can adjust it to suit you! Since there is no THC in the products, there is no danger in taking too much - however, everything works best in moderation. 

Any questions?

CBD is an exciting natural realm to explore. With the potential to ease everyday pains, internally and externally, mentally and physically, this can hopefully guide you to understand how CBD could enhance your daily life. If you need further support or have any burning cannabinoid questions, feel free to get in touch! Check out our entire CBD collection here. Happy CBD-ing folks!

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