5 Surprising Ways to Optimise your Health, according to a Nutrition Scientist

5 Surprising Ways to Optimise your Health, according to a Nutrition Scientist

Nutritionist Dr Federica Amati shares 5 ways to optimise our health and wellbeing, some of which might just surprise you!

1. Probiotics alone are not helpful

The importance of gut health is increasingly being highlighted, and many probiotic supplements are on the market to promote just that. What many don’t know, however, is that in order for these probiotics to work as intended, we need prebiotic fibre to feed them. Prebiotics essentially work as ‘food’ for probiotics and enable them to survive in our gut, as well as release important postbiotic chemicals. While fibre already is known to be a key component of a healthy diet, more research is emerging, highlighting how important it is for gut health in particular.

In the UK, most people do not eat enough fibre, and symptoms of a fibre deficiency include constipation and can lead to many gut diseases, including bowel cancer.

One way to enhance your daily fibre intake is a good quality and fibre-rich supplement like Indi Body. Mix it with water or plant-based milk and enjoy a delicious health drink that delivers a variety of fibre sources.

2. Enjoy extra Virgin Olive Oil every day

Extra Virgin Olive Oil acts as an antioxidant and works to reduce inflammation. Thanks to more research into this, we now know the various pathways through which EVOO acts as such.

When purchasing, make sure you’re going for the ‘extra virgin’ as blended olive oils do not retain any of the nutritional benefits. Use it to drizzle over salads, pasta, fish, or meat dishes.

3. Use Nature’s own Pharmacy through whole plants

Plants are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. We know that they contain a myriad of vitamins and nutrients that we need for our general wellbeing. The chemical structures within our food interact with one another, as well as our gut microbiome and our cells. It is important to eat a combination of foods, like cavolo nero or haskap berries, which contain oxidative stress-fighting Polyphenols. Or Chicory root, which contains Inulin, which supports a healthy gut microbiome and your lipid metabolism.

Indi Supplements combine carefully selected plant powders and minimally process them to preserve their nutritional benefits.

4. Don’t stick to the same meals every day

In order to make use of all the minerals and vitamins that our food has to offer, it is important to aim for 30 different types of diverse plant food per week. So despite the popularity of bulk cooking or meal prep, make sure you diversify your plate and eat different combinations of nuts, seeds and seasonal vegetables.

5. Know your personal reactions to food

We’re all different. This also applies to the different reactions we have to certain foods. Knowing your personal reactions and responses can help you tailor your diet to your needs and maximise your health. Companies, like ZOE use years of research to test your body’s individual response to foods, and create a bespoke diet based on your individual data.


More about Indi

Indi’s ingredient listings are unusual, packed full of weird and wonderful foods sourced from all over the globe that you wouldn’t normally find on your plate. Powdered for maximum nutritional value, these real food ingredients are delivered in effective doses and in forms that the body can actually process, absorb and use.

 As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’ so add Indi to your daily routine to feel good today while also looking ahead to a healthier tomorrow.

Indi has been inspired by the foods that are typical in indigenous diets all around the world. Indigenous foods are packed full of active compounds, phytonutrients and bioavailable vitamins & minerals. From the immunoregulatory effect of Japanese Reishi mushrooms, to the adaptogenic stress control benefits of French Rhodiola Rosea - Indi's formulations harness the benefits of these functional foods to support how you live every day.

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More about Dr. Federica Amati

Dr. Federica Amati is a specialist of evidence-based information and knowledge. She holds a PhD in Clinical Medical Research from Imperial College London and is a registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. She focuses on improving overall dietary quality following the principles of a personalised Mediterranean Diet approach to optimise microbiome balance and harness long-term benefits. She is also involved in researching nutrition, physical activity and wellbeing at Imperial College, as well as cardiometabolic health and COVID-19. 

Alongside her research and private client consultations, she is also Chief Nutrition Scientist for Indi Supplements

Dr. Federica Amati

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